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The Respect Coalition - A friend or a foe?

Reaction! Issue 29 - Autumn 2006

A major highlight of the 2005 general election was the sight of George Galloway, leader of the Respect Coalition, win in Bethnal Green and Bow. Although Dissident Congress hates Galloway, his party, and its policies, we are generally pleased that Galloway won. The defeat of Oona King has given Labour a bloody nose, and it clearly demonstrates that if Muslims are prepared to vote for a party other than Lib-Lab-Con then why aren't the British?

Elsewhere in the country the results for Respect were a mixed bag and there appears to be a general trend between the Respect Coalition vote and the proportion of Muslims in the constituency. In heavily Islamic areas Respect polled very strongly and were second place in three constituencies. Results in constituencies with very few Muslims were derisory.

The Respect Coalition is not a conventional left-wing party and neither is it an Islamic fundamentalist party. It is a highly synthetic organisation formed by fusing together two incompatible groups of people united only by their opposition to the war in Iraq and a general hatred of Labour. Apart from these two areas of common ground, the SWP faction and the Islamics have nothing in common and both groups despise the ideology and practices of the other. The issues which most divide the SWP faction from the Islamic faction are abortion and gay rights. So far the two factions have managed to plaster over their differences but how long this can last is anybody's guess.

So is the Respect Coalition a friend or is it a foe? For the time being Dissident Congress thinks they are a friend of patriots because they can only help us at election time. From the results of last year's general election and this year's local elections then it is probably safe to say that Respect do not appeal to non-Muslims, so there is little chance of them becoming a significant political force amongst the British. At election time Respect will be virtually irrelevant in areas with very few Muslims. In heavily Islamic areas it is clearly evident that Respect is quite capable of defeating Labour even in traditionally rock solid Labour areas. Dissident Congress sees this as a good thing because Respect is helping to rot Labour out from its core, and breaking down the old order that ethnics and immigrants vote Labour en-masse. The political establishment will probably perceive Respect as an Islamic protest vote rather than a left of Labour ideological challenger. In areas that are largely white but have an Islamic population around 10-15%, a Respect candidate on the ballot slip could work in our favour by siphoning off votes from Muslims that would otherwise have gone to Labour. In some cases it could result in a patriotic candidate winning that otherwise would have come a strong second place.

Dissident Congress thinks it is inevitable that the Respect Coalition will split in two some time in the next few years. After splitting in two, the SWP faction will almost certainly revert back to its old liberal lefty ways as a lunatic fringe group and a threat to nobody, but the Islamic faction could end up being taken over by extremists and fundamentalists of the Bin Laden variety and will present a real danger in the future. Islamics are already having a frightening affect on our “democracy” – vote fraud etc. - and hijacking local politics in many areas.

A crucial issue is whether the Islamic faction becomes anti-British or anti-Labour as the consequences of this decision will be very different. Respect is generally of a pacifist nature, but the Islamic faction could well become a more violent organisation backed up with a direct action group similar to the IRA. If the Islamic faction targets Labour whilst leaving patriots and the general public alone then it could well work in our favour. However, if the Islamic faction is anti-British in the same way as the IRA is then we have a new terrorist organisation to deal with.

One final point: Dissident Congress suspects that George Galloway doesn't appreciate the fact that communists from Moscow ruthlessly persecuted millions of Muslims living in Russia and former Soviet states. Galloway is probably unaware of the decades of struggle by Muslims attempting to overthrow Soviet communism and restore the right to practice their religion without fear of persecution. Dissident Congress considers Galloway to be an ungenuine man who just wants to be different from most people by supporting something that generally goes against the British culture and way of life. He supported communism during the days when it had credibility and power. Now he supports Islamic fundamentalism because it is the new danger and enemy of Britain. Perhaps he fails to realise that communism and Islam do not mix. Real communists hate Islam. Real Muslims hate communism. Galloway will be standing down at the next general election. It doesn't take a genius to realise he is sure to be deserted by the Muslims who voted him into parliament, and will fade into insignificance like Arthur Scargill.