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Islamic terrorism and Labour

By Dissident Congress

A question that nobody seems to have raised is why do Islamic terrorists in Britain target innocent civilians rather than attack the Labour party head on. After all, it is Labour who engaged in the war in Iraq; not commuters on London buses and the Tube. Surely it wouldn't be too difficult for a suicide bomber to join Labour posing as a genuine member then detonate a bomb at a branch meeting killing every Labour member for a particular town including all the councillors and possibly the MP as well. If that sounds bad then how about 100 or so suicide bombers detonating their explosives simultaneously at the Labour annual conference.

One must now investigate whether the terrorist attacks in London in July 2005 really was the result of the war in Iraq, or whether there is some other underlying cause which is conveniently obscured by the war in Iraq. It is notable that so far, all but one of the suicide bombers are Pakistani rather than middle eastern or Iraqi in origin. Prior to 9/11, Pakistanis and Arabs living in Britain had no virtually involvement with each other. They lived in different areas, rarely - if ever socialised with one another, and had different cultures and lifestyles. However, Pakistanis had a bitter grudge against Britain for what Britain did to Pakistan during the days of the British Empire. Therefore, a possibility exists that these terrorist attacks were planned years or even decades in advance, but the Pakistanis waited until an international event took place that could be used as a convenient smokescreen. This could well be the real reason why they resorted to terrorism against the British public rather than the Labour Party.