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Homes for the British

By Russell White

Much has been said about the ongoing housing crisis, the stress on the greenbelt and cost of housing in the South East. Much of the problem is caused by demand outstripping supply many times over. The ongoing immigration / bogus asylum seekers problem has left many ordinary working class Britons being pushed further down the housing ladder as the unfair "points system" allows refugees the right to "jump the queue". The estate agents milk the white flight from our inner cities (and now brown flight too) as people become sick and tired of unlimited immigration leading to overcrowding, excessive demand for services and loss of identity.

What can be done about this? How can ordinary lower income indigenous Britons have access to what is now called "social housing"? Under the present race relations rules there is nothing that can be done for them, for they have no more stake in the country than someone who has just moved here. Under the EU we have to allow many thousands of people from across Europe to enter the country with the right to seek work here. Under a Populist government that would all change, for we would tackle these problems unfettered by the EU or race laws, where would we start? Firstly, we would set up a National Housing Agency (NHA). We have a National Health Service so why not a NHA?

What would it do? Most of the currently idle buildings and office blocks across Britain would be taken over by the NHA and rented to low-income families who were born in this country, or with British ancestry. For those who claim this is racist I would remind them that there are many non-whites born here, and many whites born overseas. In addition, the Government would make strategic decisions as to takeover of local authority housing that was already occupied. Entire estates could be taken into NHA control so that British people could live amongst those with whom they could identify. The NHA would also guarantee homes for essential workers such as firemen, nurses, police officers, and transport workers in each local authority area, rather than relying upon a postcode lottery in which the area in which you live determines the availability of public housing. The NHA would negate the problems encountered when trying to transfer from council housing in one local authority to another. A lot of red tape would be cut up. Furthermore the NHA would be restricted to those of a good record of behaviour - ie no criminal background. NHA housing would be something to strive for, meaning that people would keep out of trouble knowing their reward would be to live in a "good neighbourhood".

As Populists we believe in localism, local homes for local people. However, unless one prohibits opposition there will always be a left-wing underbelly at local level only too willing to discriminate against native British in favour of new arrivals and the criminal class in return for political favours. We are under no illusions about this, even under a Populist government, and that's why some local housing needs to be removed from public control where our people currently form the minority. Another function of this agency would be the supply of mortgages for low income families and first time buyers, at a lower repayment rate than the banks and building societies would charge. This would give more people the chance to own their own home without the disastrous policy of council house sales, which left a shortage of council housing and led to a homelessness crisis that continues to this day. It is what the Tories would have done to increase home ownership if they have not been so wedded to free-market dogma and against any intervention by Government. The NHA would be funded by the same money that is channelled into local authorities, by a tax on the profits garnered by estate agents when selling a house, and by money saved by no longer housing new arrivals (as a result of zero immigration).

The NHA will appeal to many who are stuck in sink estates and cannot afford to leave, to those who wish to live amongst their own kind, and to those who believe that law abiding behaviour should offer some reward.