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The Green Party - why populist patriots oppose them

By Riaz Sobrany

The Green Party is probably no longer worth bothering with by anyone to the right of Dennis Skinner. They should be struck off the list of environmental organisations and tossed into the rubbish bin of the far left alongside organisations like the Socialist Alliance and the ANL.

Today's Green Party is much closer to a conventional liberal-left party than it is to the Green Party of 1989, and draws its support from a totally different section of the population - most of which are now former members of left wing, gay rights, and political correctness groups. In fact the Green Party places the environment on the back burner and focuses more on issues like fighting racism and promoting gay rights than anything else. They want to totally dismantle our immigration barriers and make Britain a haven for bogus asylum seekers despite all the opposition from the general public. The Green Party and the mainstream environmental activist movement are very separate and apart from each other with most environmental activists having little in common with the Green Party and seeing it as an organisation filled with ageing hippies, gay rights activists, car haters, feminists, cannabis addicts, and former communists and Trotskyists. The fact that the Green Party fails to tackle the destruction of Britain's countryside and green belt from demand for housing due to immigration, and anyone who dares to question whether this mass immigration is desirable is immediately cast off as a racist really does make the Green Party a sad joke.

The Green Party has a 1960's look and feel that is offputting to the younger generation. Senior figures in the Green Party are very concerned about the decline in membership in the under 30 age group. Various scraps of info from research carried out by the Green Party state that young people are unimpressed by it and find it uncool, and to associate oneself with the Green Party is like walking around in public wearing flared trousers.