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What is British culture?

By Dissident Congress

A recurring question that patriots are often asked is what is British culture? The answer to that one is there are two British cultures: Traditional culture or "high culture", and popular culture. These two separate cultures co-exist side by side and have done so for over a century. Tradtional culture is generally timeless and unchanging, but popular culture continuously changes with time. The popular culture of today is different from 10 years ago, which is different from 30 years ago, and so on. Until the early 1960s, traditional culture was a more dominant force that shaped society than popular culture. In the 1960s the table turned and popular culture became a more dominant force. Since the 1960s, politicians, the media, and the education system have tried hard to obliterate traditional culture by stealth with the aim of leaving popular culture as the only British culture, and manipulated it  to follow a liberal agenda with low moral standards.

The unchanging nature of traditional culture provides a foundation on which to build a society. The ever changing nature of popular culture has the capability of producing a volatile society without roots that is open to manipulation by those who hold power and authority.

Dissident Congress has no plan to obliterate popular culture because it isn't possible to do so. Our aim is to promote traditional culture whilst shaping popular culture to follow a populist patriotic agenda.